Javelyn Technology Research Strategy

This is an abridged presentation of a research strategy I collaborated on for Javelyn Technology for 2020.  The purpose of the strategy is to provide direction to the research team and to describe the importance of research to the vision and mission of the company.  The first part of the strategy focuses on the broad purpose of research and includes graphic depictions of work flows, stages of research, and the methodological research cycle.  Research methods currently available in the Javelyn Technology research toolkit include Ethnography, netnography, contextual inquiry, focus groups, card sorts, surveys, and user counts.  Analytic methods include text analysis, inferential statistics, and journey mapping.

Client Name
Javelyn Technology
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  • Title Slide
  • VIsion, Mission, and Values Statements
  • Work Flow Diagram for Research Projects
  • Product Stages
  • Context Slide
  • Pre-Design Phase Slide
  • Outline for Testing an MVP
  • Learing and Manageing V 1.1 and Beyond
  • Graphic of Research Project Cycle
  • Sample Project Matrix
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