Javelyn Technology UX Research Project

This is a summary of recommendations and findings for a UX research project for a TrustTech and PropTech app that would help people get to know their neighbors better more quickly.  The concept is best adapted to apartment or condo complexes in dense urban cores. The methodology was a quick and dirty netnography, a modified ethnographic approach carried out on Dubai expat interest groups on Facebook.  The work was carried out with permission of group admins and focused on what types of information people exchanged in these groups.  The underlying assumption was that this would inform what types of information sharing or communal activities the app should facilitate and enhance.  The Gallery includes images representing the three most commonly found themes.  I redacted names to protect anonymity of Facebook group members

Client Name
Javelyn Technology
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  • Projec Title Page
  • Recommendations
  • Key Insights from Research Findings
  • Major Theme: Service Pitches
  • Major Theme: Item Sales
  • Major Theme: Leisure
  • Major Theme: Real Estate
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